Ceiling-fan-screws-into-light-socket, need a ceiling fan and a light, but don't want to deal with the hassle and danger of wiring one in? then simply screw this cool new airlight directly into a standard light socket. done. it features variable fan speeds, plenty of illumination, and a handy remote that controls it all.. The fan screws right into an overhead, sunken light socket like you see in many cookie-cutter apartment buildings. the result is a fan which, unlike stand-up fans, takes up no floor space and leaves you with no ugly cord mess to tangle on your floor. also, you’re free to pick up, unscrew and carry this fixture over to your next rental space., torchstar e27 to e27 extender adapter, e27 to e27 edison screw converter lamp bulb socket lamp holder, fits led/cfl light bulbs, heat-resistant, anti-burning, no fire hazard, pack of 2.

Led garage lights, 2 pack deformable led garage light bright 4500lm 3 leaf garage light 45w adjustable garage light e26 socket compatible screw garage ceiling lighting for garage, basement, barn, the new fan easily screws directly into a standard light socket, thus eliminating all the headaches of a traditional ceiling fan installation. not only is it super easy to install, but it also....

Not a large fan, obviously, i'm not trying to replace a proper ceiling fan -- i am looking for a small one that can be used in a ceiling fixture in a stairwell (very limited space). i've tried the wall mounted ones (above the door), but they are too powerful even on their lowest setting. i swear i've seen such a product, but now that i am actively looking for one, i can't find them..., perfect for smaller rooms in need of ventilation, the breezelite ceiling fan is a hassle-free solution! there's absolutely no installation required--simply screw the ceiling fan into any standard light socket, and the 8-1/2"diam fan moves air while providing a convenient source of light at the same time..

Inspect inside and around the socket for mounting screws securing the socket to the fixture. remove the screws. pull the socket away from the fixture to expose the fixture wires and the screw terminals securing the wires to the socket.