Dimmer-ceiling-fan-light, product overview the westinghouse ceiling fan and light remote control allows you to adjust fan speed and light levels without ever having to leave your seat. it features three fan speeds (high/medium/low) and includes a full-range light dimmer for maximum flexibility and comfort.. You can install a ceiling fan light dual dimmer switch to operate the fan speed and light intensity from the original wall switch location. the new switch does require an additional electrical wire..., enerlites 3 speed ceiling fan control and led dimmer light switch, 2.5a single pole light fan switch, 300w incandescent load, no neutral wire required, 17001-f3-w, white.

If there is only one switched wire going to the fan/light combo, then no. you can't put the motor on the dimmer. if they ran two wires (even if they connected them both to the switch) you should be able to split off the light for a dimmer. you need to open up the switch box and/or the fan connections to see., at you can purchase over 40 different lighting dimmers.., ge leds offer outstanding energy efficiency, long-lasting performance and just-right brightness, all in one package. they're dimmable and illuminate your home with soft, warm light. use this ge led light bulb in ceiling fans, small table lamps and open fixtures..

Flickering lights on ceiling fan - help! i have a ceiling fan that - on absolutely random occasions, the light bulbs on them flicker. it doesn't matter whether or not the fan is running (the fan is usually not running, especially now in the winter).