Paint-a-wall-for-a-projector-screen, if you want to paint your house wall to use it as a projector screen, then going big in a limited budget is the thing to do. with this paint, you are not limited to a few options because it is the right paint for the home theater screen. it not only lets you have the look of your type but gives hd result and that too with less work.. Projector screen paint should have a very smooth finish, reflect less amount of light, and not look dull at the same time. the color of the paint would depend on the projector’s brightness, ambient lighting, and personal preferences and requirements. all of these will be discussed in this article., commercial projection screens are made from a silver or gray reflective material because they display color and contrast more dynamically than an ordinary white bed sheet. you can best approximate this effect by painting your home theater wall with a specially formulated projection screen paint..

A painted home projector screen is much more complex than a simple white-painted wall space. painting your own diy home theater screen typically costs hundreds of dollars less than other available solutions. further, painted screens last a lifetime without any need for repair or the risk of malfunction., to paint your own projector screen, you will need patience, a wall dedicated to your project and some special paint. this is not a project with which you should try to take shortcuts nor should you just jump into. it takes planning and preparation..

Seems to work very well. produces a white screen wall with a slight gloss. my screen is about 9 feet wide by 5 feet high. i'm using the jvc dla-x550r projector which has a new high output bulb., but this high-science stuff is going to cost you: you can grab a projector screen paint kit for just under $200, which will cover up to a 90-square-foot projection area. if your wall isn’t already white, you should prep it with a regular white wall primer before you apply any projection paint..

Hi phil, you must be overwhelmed by the responses it seems that not many of us here in the uk go for projecting images onto a wall. my solution was to use the simple dulux pure brilliant matt white paint and applied three coats with a roller for a 100'' wide image in my lounge., after a recent purchase of a projector for my video production business i quickly learned that the quality of your picture is highly based off the screen its projected on. after a few hours of ....

A single can of this high-definition projector screen paint (amazon) will cover a 16-foot by 10-foot wall surface. it’s easy to apply, safe (free of voc or volatile organic compounds) and can be either sprayed or rolled on. two coats are all you need to make your existing white wall 50% brighter for optimal light reflection.