Painting-trim-around-carpet, painting the trim around the carpet is an arduous and intimidating task. one has to be precise so as not to spill the paint and ruin the process entirely. however, if you follow a few easy steps, you can nail it! the process of painting trim around the carpet: cleaning and sanding the base board […]. Place painter's tape along the bottom of the wall immediately above the trim. lay a tarp or plastic sheet over the carpet, including the edge of the carpet where the tape has been placed. fill any..., the best way to paint trim is to begin with a clean surface. use a damp sponge to remove dirt that has accumulated on trim in most rooms. in kitchens, use a sponge and soapy water to remove grease buildup from the trim. scuff-sand the surface of the trim..

Painting paint grade trim in place is relatively easy if you have tile or wood floors. if you keep a damp cloth with you any paint that ends up on the floor can be quickly wiped away. if you have carpeted floors and you are using a contrasting color be very careful to protect surrounding areas from spills and splatter., how to paint close to carpet. painting close to your carpet can be tricky. angling your paintbrush so that it reaches as much baseboard or wall as possible without touching the carpet requires perfect hand steadiness. even with a steady....

Painting baseboards with carpet is a fairly common task for a painter. the problem, however, is that in my years of painting, i have seen what should be a fairly easy and straightforward painting project turn out awful when done wrong., if you're concerned about lead-based paint, conduct a dust wipe test using a lead test kit for paint and dust. the test kits, available at home centers and hardware stores, include step-by-step instructions for collecting the samples, bags for the samples, plastic gloves and an envelope to send the samples to an epa-certified lab for analysis (each lab test costs about $15)..

I have a confession, one that i know a diy’er should be ashamed of. i have kept my problem to myself for some time, but now the truth must come out since i am redoing my studioffice and had to confront my problem head on. i dislike painting trim and woodwork!