Parkinson-s-treatment-side-effects, medications prescribed to treat parkinson’s disease may have additional side effects. these include involuntary movements (or dyskinesia), nausea, hypersexuality, compulsive gambling, and.... Parkinson's disease treatments and common side effects. order the parkinson's disease guidebook arm yourself with the most comprehensive information available., below is a list of common drug treatments for parkinson’s disease, and their possible side effects. levodopa increases levels of the chemical dopamine in your brain. a lack of dopamine is what .... Treatment side effects initially parkinson’s treatments may work well, but over time side effects may emerge. in addition, particularly if you have been taking medication for some time, you may experience ‘wearing off’ or motor fluctuations. these are often thought of as symptoms but they are in fact side effects of medications., parkinson's disease medications are prescribed by doctors to treat common symptoms associated with the condition. while there is no cure for parkinson’s, the right combination of medications and physical therapy helps most patients control their parkinson’s, when it comes to treatment, what are your options?.

Key points: spending sprees and heightened sex drive are two of the potential side effects of drugs used to boost dopamine levels; a study found the brain structure of parkinson's disease patients ..., common complications and side-effects of parkinson’s disease. as parkinson’s disease progresses (not all will develop symptoms and associated complications in advanced stages), symptoms have a knock-on effect..

Side effects include: wearing off and dyskinesia; hallucinations or delusions; impulsive and compulsive behaviour; it's important to remember that some things you think are symptoms of parkinson's may actually be side effects of your medication.. side effects of your specific parkinson's medication