Reverse-switch-hampton-bay-ceiling-fans, hampton bay ceiling fans are designed to circulate air within a room to help provide a more comfortable environment. the fans can rotate in either direction to circulate air in different patterns, producing either a cooling or warming effect.. Guaranteed to replace uc7087t with reverse key for hampton bay, home decorators collection ceiling fans this remote operates: down-lights (with dimming), fan off, fan speed low, fan speed medium, fan speed high, reverse, light delay, fan auto, light timer, reverse direction 6 pin switch ze-209-22 replaces sl13b for ceiling fan 3a 250vac or 6a 125vac.

Ok, lets go to the next possibility, since there are many manufacturers for the hampton bay fans. get a ladder and look on top of the fan, it is possible the switch or button is located there., how do i switch my hampton bay fan to reverse...i don't see any switch on the fan itself...the remote has a light on/off and then a button in the center of the fan low/med/high/off buttons...the center button doesn't seem to activate anything...the red light does not go on when i push the center button....but it does when i push the on/off buttons....i have a model number from the remote ....

Our hampton bay team can help you get your ceiling fan out of reverse and give you the proper button combinations. you mentioned that you have the hampton bay model 68-atr fan. we will need a little more information to identify your specific ceiling fan and get the correct solution., i am looking a job where 6 ceiling fans in two areas are required. the owner wants to switch 3 at a time, basically two zones, two switches. an ec i was talking to mentioned he had problems with more then one fan on a switch, stating that the fans failed prematurely..

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