Vintage-look-ceiling-fan, plenty of retro ceiling fans come with lights. you might choose from leds, halogen bulbs, incandescent options, or even fluorescent lights. because it is possible to integrate this technology with antique-looking ceiling fans, you can always choose to add lighting to your space that fits in perfectly with the home’s vintage vibe.. This is a really excellent fan (and light, if you choose to add it). it looks great, really pushes air, and is a good amount of light. i installed it in my living room, and though the blade design is really more of a porch style design (faux wicker-ish), it looks rather nice., vintage ceiling fans are functional additions to your home that simultaneously add charm and style to any space. in addition to optimally cooling your room, these ceiling fans bring in vintage charm that instantly upgrades your space. their rich wood blades come in a variety of finishes, making it easy to coordinate them to your space..

Vintage ceiling fans cool your home in style with a ceiling fan from our unique ceiling fan collection. from vintage ceiling fans to practical outdoor ceiling fans, you'll find a perfect fan for your home right here. sort by style using the drop down menu below., vintage is a recurring trend (or constant, depending on whom you ask), so opting for an old-school design when it comes to ceiling fans is a safe bet. the variety of materials used to get the vintage look – such as pewter, woodgrain and frosted glass – will always have a more elegant effect than modern plastic..

Vintage ceiling fans vintage ceiling fans are reminiscent of times-gone-by. they can include victorian styled ornate fans or fans that harken back to the era when ceiling fans first became en vogue. often vintage fans will have defined scrollwork on the motor housing, blade holders, or even the blades themselves.